Excerpts from "The Dangerous Right Wing"

Our 14th Amendment, Section 3, Bans All Right Wingers from Holding Office – Both State and Federal, Including Supreme Court Justices

By legal definition any American office holder who 1) changes allegiance away from our country to political party donors (places them or their party ahead of the welfare of the American people), or 2) actively advocates or legislates the wholesale replacement of government functions by privatized functions (especially any provided by their political party donors), or 3) advocates or legislates the minimization of government functions almost to the level of extinction (or provides aid or comfort, eg. Citizens United/Montana rulings, to any such persons above); is engaged in the act of INSURRECTION. The 14th amendment, section 3 says that any such person shall no longer hold any office in any state or federal position, ever again. That criterion accurately defines the right wing office holders and candidates.

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Our Current Economic Problems: Inexcusable, Preventable Cause Behind the Crash of 2008

This Crash was preventable in 2002 when the mortgage fraud first became evident; but became inevitable by 2005 (see housing statistics). Cities and states had passed tough anti-criminal fraud laws in 2002, but Bush and his right wing Congress kept them from enforcement, through federal preemption of regulations. To please Wall Street, Bush then softened the federal anti-fraud regulations. The entire crash was caused by 5 years of unsuppressed criminal fraud — by the mortgage originators, the credit rating agencies, and by the Investment Bank's packaging and sale of these fraudulently misrepresented derivative securities; falsely credit rated just as though they were US Government Securities. All outcomes were dictated by the banks. Right winger Bush kept the cops off the street while Capitalism ran amuck, just like the robber barons of old!

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Romney/Ryan Medicare Voucher Fraud – Plan Is Knowingly Unworkable

Right wingers Romney & Ryan proposed a $6,000 per year voucher for Medicare. Experts have said that just 10% of the covered population consumes well over 55% of the available medical care resources. For that 10% their voucher money will be gone within the first few months of each year, because each of them needs around 5 times that amount. So where does the other 80% of their costs come from? The right wing spokesman, Michael Steele, says "We don't know!"

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Bush Lies to Congress to Start War with Iraq

On March 19, 2003, the day before he attacked Iraq, Right winger Bush provided a sworn determination to Congress; swearing that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attack. Without that specific determination his attack authority was canceled. Just 6 months later, on September 17, 2003, Bush publicly told the press (printed in 20 newspapers, and publicly corroborated weeks earlier by both Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz) that NO EVIDENCE HAD EVER EXISTED that linked Iraq to the 9/11 attack or to any terrorists — neither before nor after he first started accusing Iraq of the 9/11 attack, in early October, 2001! He was confessing that he had been lying to us all that time since then about the false threat from Iraq.

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Devastating Right Wing Privatization for Everything, but Most Especially for Public Schools – $21,000 per Year per Student, Cash Out of Pocket

The written right wing budget plan of Paul Ryan, already enacted by the House, eventually gets rid of all federal and state government functions, except for the military and police. The right wing plans to privatize virtually everything by turning them over to the ownership and operation by their corporate political donors. That includes our public schools. We now use broad based taxes to fund our schools; the parents of the students do not now pay cash for them. But they plan to charge the parents the full cash cost of educating their kids. Today in Arlington, VA that actual cost is over $21,000 per year per student, if you include privatized profits, with a student teacher ratio of 15. Romney said class size makes no difference to the learning of small children (could be 100+). More is cheaper. His kids had a ratio of 6. Parents experience: kids not ready for virtual learning in K-9. The U.S. median family income is only $50,400.

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Karl Rove & Condi Rice Were 2 of Bush's 25 Coconspirators in the Premeditated Murder of 4,450 American Soldiers in Iraq

In August 2002 Bush, Cheney, Card, and Scooter Libby (convicted liar) set up the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) working out of Cheney's Office. They simultaneously created the Office of Special Plans (OSP) in the Pentagon, to use any unevaluated raw information or rumors they could find or twist that would help promote and sell an unjustified attack on Iraq. Rove was co-chair with Karen Hughes of WHIG, and Rice was an active contributing member. Other members included Card, Matalin, Libby, and Hadley, et al. WHIG was initiated to develop and write up the deliberate lies of OSP's false pro-war propaganda for attacking Iraq: to create a marketing plan for the selling of the false war on Iraq. Their refined lies about various imaginary Iraqi weapons, including knowingly nonexistent nuclear, were given to right wing columnists, the press, and White House speech makers (and Rice), to brainwash the public and Congress about their claimed urgent need to attack Iraq before they attacked us; with WMD.

Their ally Chalabi fed repeated deliberate lies to the NY Times about Iraq having WMD, including nuclear weapons. Just 1-4 months later Rice set in as Tenet briefed Bush and Cheney about several different corroborated, solid intelligence reports from top level Iraqi defectors, all saying Iraq had had no WMD since 1996. Under Rove's supervision, after lying to them repeatedly about Iraq having WMD, Rice told neither Congress nor the press about this shocking, war stopping news! The blueprint for their "big lie" was a phony 1996 neocon plan to attack Iraq (adopted by Bush in 1999) called Clean Break (see Ch. 1. pg, 2 for that plan). That plan deliberately contained a knowingly false threat of attack from Iraq — to persuade the public that we urgently needed to attack them. For 18 months in 1999-2000, Rice and several other neocons had tutored Bush about that plan. The American Military had told Bush in advance that at least hundreds of American soldiers would be killed in his proposed attack, along with at least thousands of Iraqi civilians. See below for legal language.

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Legal Language Proof of Bush's Iraq Murders of 4,450 American Soldiers

Vincent Bugliosi explains the law on Bush's Iraq murders: "If a conspirator (or anyone for that matter) deliberately sets in motion a chain of events [lies to start a war] that he knows will cause a third-party innocent agent to commit an act (here, the killing of American soldiers by Iraqis), the conspirator is criminally responsible for that act [of murder]… Bush, in unjustifiably invading Iraq, certainly brought about the existence of Iraqi opposition, and his act caused the Iraqis to kill American soldiers in much the same fashion that a person causes a gun to fire a bullet that kills someone by pulling the trigger… in the criminal law, third party innocent agents are referred to as ‘mere instruments’ of the principal." Right winger Bush and his coconspirators were those criminally responsible principals.

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